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Buying Tips - Getting Started
Buying Tips

Here are some tips on perusing commercial property.  These suggestions are based on prior knowledge and experiences.  However, as always, be sure to consult with legal counsel and Certified Public Accountants prior to signing any paperwork or completing any transactions.

Getting Started

Owning and operating a small resort and/or B&B can be a very rewarding lifestyle.   Being independent while still drawing a paycheck are some of the initial benefits.  For most, it creates a totally new lifestyle; one which you must adapt to if you want to become successful.

Any professional advisor or current business operator will tell you that it is not always an easy street.  You must be willing to work hard and dedicate long hours in some cases.  But the most important key to succeeding in the hospitality industry is that you must enjoy meeting and working with all kinds of people.

Let's face it, customers certainly won't want to stay at your place if they arrive and find that the owner has a negative attitude, hates children, and has unreasonably strict rules.   You must be flexible, courteous, and above all, be able to offer something special which your customers will always remember.

You want them back, whether it's next week or next year.  You want them to recommend you to their family and friends.  Customers are hard to find and even more difficult to replace in this day and age.  Be sure to develop several plans for your operation.  If you are buying into a business that is already very successful, the best advice is not to change it!   You can always incorporate new ideas as time passes.

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